Grey Knights

Grey Knights - 4th Brotherhood - Strike Force Nexus

Dark times are closing on the Imperium. The Ruinous Powers are increasing their presence in the material realm, disgorging from the Warp at every chance and sowing the seeds of Chaos. The Imperium's response to this great threat, are the Grey Knights of Titan, designated Chapter 666 and created in utmost secrecy with the purist of geneseed derived from the Emperor Himself during the Horus Heresy for one purpose. The defence of mankind from the archenemy! They are the Emperors chosen and stand apart in the never ending war against evil.

Strike Force Nexus is only but a small contingent of the Grey Knights 4th Brotherhood. Established by Grand Master Valius and the Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Quartermaine, the Strike Force has been deployed to the Ostrius System on the Eastern Fringe as guided by the Prognosticars on Titan, to investigate the arrival of the anomaly known as the Nexus Worm Hole and the encroaching threat of Chaos.

Armed with the most potent weaponry and travelling aboard one of the fastest Strike Cruisers available in Grey Knights Fleet, they are able to strike hard and fast into the maelstrom of Hell and have translated into the system undetected to ascertain the current situation.

Last Updated 01.04.2014

Force Organisation, Engagements and Event Summary:

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Grand-Master: Valius 'Deployed'

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor: Horatio Quartermaine 'Orders Received'


Imperial Vindicare Assassin  'Orders Received'

Inquisitor Quatermaine's Warband 'Orders Received'


Terminator Squad I - Justicar Halvan 'Deployed'

Strike Squad I -  Justicar Amos 'Deployed'

Strike Squad II - Justicar Pathius 'Deployed'

Dedicated Transport

Razorback I - Mortalis 'Orders Received'

Razorback II - Extremis 'Deployed'

Fast Attack

Stormraven - Shadow Hunter 'Deployed'

Heavy Support

Nemesis Dreadknight - Brother Valance 'Deployed'

Nemesis Dreadknight - Brother Diego 'Deployed

Landraider - Battlefist 'Orders Received'


Imperial Aegis Defence Line 'Deployed'

Super Heavy Armoured Support

Mars Pattern Warhound Titan (Hyena Configuration) - Canis Nex 'Orders Received'


Grey Knight Strike Cruiser - The Spear of Titan 'Ultima Segmentum - Ostrius System - Location Classified'

Notable Engagements

'Battle Reports'

Event Summary

'Grey Knights - 4th brotherhood - Strike Force Nexus'

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