Thursday, 29 May 2014

Pork Chop Gaming: Your Local Club

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Today I would like to put another shout out for my local gaming club, located in the centre of Cheltenham, Pork Chop Gaming! 

We offer and play a huge variety of games, which is by no means exhaustive, a list of what is currently on the table can be found over on their Blog.

The club has plenty of different sized tables and lots of scenery that is ever expanding, suitable for different types of tabletop games. We also have some quieter space available for role-playing or other calmer games. (Some played a game of Risk last Tuesday)

Pork Chop Gaming also have some BIG GAME NIGHTS that run into the early hours, just right for those APOCALYPTIC sized games or campaigns.

Pork Chop Gaming is open every Tuesday night from 7pm-10pm 

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Find us at:

2 Pigs
Church Street
GL50 3HA

"If the door is shut on a games night, please ring the white door bell to the right of the door a few times and someone will let you in."

Keep checking their 'Blog' for more content and guest posts highlighting what the club has to offer. They are an extremely friendly group of people who just want to have fun and play games.

Please, please spread the word and share with the world! or at least the UK the more people who go, the more fun can be had.

Also head over to their Facebook page for more. (the link can be found on their Blog)

~ Let the Pork see the Chop @ Pork Chop Gaming ~

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