Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Death from the Skies - Review

Death from the Skies Compendium

With the release of the new flyer compendium and it only being available from 'Games Workshop' direct at the moment. Al has kindly completed a review from his own perspective having purchased the book. Below you will find his thoughts on the books content and it should give you insight as to what this compendium has in it.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

FAQs and ERRATA February Update

Games Workshop have today release new FAQs and ERRATA Updates, this coincides with the new 'Death From The Skies' Compendium (follow the link). It is worth reading these FAQs because it has effected from what I an see all fliers.

Also Codex Space Marine and Black Templar armies can now take Stormraven Gunships, which from a business perspective is a good move for Games Workshop. I expect to see lots of Stormravens in Space Marine armies very soon. Bring on the Quad Gun!

Anyway, follow the link below and check out all the new updates. I do believe I will be purchasing this new compendium not only so I have a copy of all the up to date rules but also for the new mission in it as well.


It will also be interesting to see if Forge World also bring out an new flyer book or hopefully just an update to bring all their models up to date. We will see!

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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Grey Knight Terminator Squad I

Grey Knight Terminator Squad I of the 4th Brotherhood

These battle brothers have had it rough. They were originally Paladins, but with different tactics now employed in 6th Edition, they have decided to go back to normal Terminators (That's if you can call Grey Knights normal). I have played around with lots of different equipment load outs for them and I have now finally rounded on my ideal unit.

The original paint job on these was not great at all and over the last couple of weeks I have done my best to re-paint them with a new technique and remove the Paladin Heads, but they are still not that brilliant. Some lessons are learnt the hard way. On the battle field they have also been a little hit and miss, lets hope this will change.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Battle Report: Grey Knights vs Imperial Guard

Grey Knights
Imperial Guard

The Imperial Guard have garrisoned themselves in a quiet, rural area of an Imperial World. In the aftermath of Dreadhaven Vally unbeknown to them, the Grey Knights of the 4th Brotherhood have come to purge them because they were there and they saw the Grey Knights on the desert world of Turambar! The aftermath of said battle saw this small contingent of Imperial Guard make escape and start to reform their forces. The 4th Brotherhood have made planet fall, and with dawn closing commence the purgation! The Imperial Guard will be cleansed?

Friday, 1 February 2013

Tau Empire - Dal'yth Sept - 4th Hunter Cadre

Tau Empire - Dal'yth Sept - 4th Hunter Cadre

The 4th Hunter Cadre is part of the Dal'yth exploration force. Their main objective to scout and investigate new worlds ahead of the main battle fleet, ascertaining if said worlds are ideal for inclusion into the Tau Empire. During the Third Phase of expansion they have come across ever more resistant worlds and races and have suffered great losses, but the Greater Good must prevail and the 4th Hunter Cadre have push on.