Monday, 19 November 2012

Tau Battlesuit Commander

Here is my Tau Commander: Shas'o Dal'yth Or'es Shi, or translated to Commander of Many Powerful Victories. He was the first Tau model I ever built and painted. I have come up with a lot of background fluff regarding my Tau army, but that can be saved for another time.

The colour scheme was taken from the Dawn of War PC game but I slightly altered it. He has also had a little extra conversion work done to him to make him stand out a little, but nothing major that cannot be managed by the average gamer.

Please keep reading and check out the photos below of my Commander and his Body Guard. 

So here he is, Shas’o Dal’yth Or’es Shi. For those of you who don’t know about tau terminology, the name is derived from several things.

Shas – This means he is from the Fire Caste, basically a Tau Warrior.
‘O – He has the rank of ‘O meaning he is a Commander.
Dal’yth  - This is the Tau Sept home world that he comes from.
Or’es  - Means Powerful, he was given this title after withstanding and onslaught of fire that should have put down a Primarch (you know who you are Kurt)
Shi - Meaning Victory, this was given to him after several campaigns, by managing to claim a victory at the last moment of battle.

I have hollowed out the centre of a Gun Drone and with a little cutting, attached it to the Battlesuits arm. He is equipped with a Shield generator, giving him a 4+ Invulnerable save. The kit does come with one but it is a lot smaller, I feel this looks a lot better as if he is carrying a shield.

Pretty standard, on the rear I have added the Dal’yth Sept symbol onto what I believe is supposed to be the Battlesuits power core / reactor. (correct me if I am wrong please)

Here is the Plasma Rifle, I love this weapon S6 Ap2 Rapid fire. I turned the weapon upside down because I prefer it this way, I also mounted a Target Lock that comes with the kit to the top making it look like a gun sight.

I always take two Shield Drones with him regardless. Basically for an extra 30pts you’re getting another 2 wounds, 3+ save with 4+ invulnerable save, they can also perform a ‘Look out Sir’ on a 2+. When creating my Tau units I always like to tie them in using the same white squad markings.

The Body Guards! I normally take two, they are tooled up on Wargear as well, and when working together as a coherent team, they are a very powerful unit that can deal with most foes they face.

So that is my Commander and his Body Guard. I hope you have enjoyed the photos and I will be posting more of my Tau army very soon.

PPS - 15.5
~ Follow the Tau’va ~

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