Thursday, 15 November 2012

Strike Squad II

Grey Knight Strike Squad II of the 4th Brotherhood.

Here is my latest completed squad for my Grey knight army. The load out on the guys are pretty standard being as cheap as possible, no upgrades other that the addition of a Psycannon for medium anti armour defence. Their battle field roll is to either camp out on a home objective or drive forward in Dedicated Transport to take objectives further afield. Being pretty reliable, carrying Nemesis Force Swords and the support of a Psycannon makes them in my opinion a not so easy unit to move.

Another great thing about the Strike Squad is their Warp Quake Psychic Power. At the start of their movement phase if the psychic test is successfully passed, they can cast Warp Quake where any unit that deep strikes within 12" of the unit, will automatically suffer a deep strike mishap and any equipment that stops them scattering also stops working. A great deterrent for armies wanting to deep strike into the back field.

I only have two things left to do on them and that is to drill out the barrels on the weapons, it was not until I uploaded the photos that I realised I forgot. And add Squad marking to the unit, I am not sure if this will be freestyle or transfers.

These were really easy to paint and the end result is quite good for tabletop gaming. I will indeed write up a tutorial on how they are painted but will have to wait until I get another box. The next box will also be made up with a few magnets installed, so I can swap out the a few weapon options and also their back packs, so they can be adapted to either a Strike Squad or Interceptor Squad.

Anyway enough rambling, more pictures below, Hope you enjoy!

Grey Knight Strike Squad II of the 4th Brotherhood

And here are a few close up photos of Justicar Pathius

And a closer look at the base, this was very easy to achieve and I will be doing a little tutorial on these very soon. I was once told that the most important parts of a model are Faces and Bases.

Thanks for looking.

PPS - 14.5

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